2 weeks blinked by man. I felt like the whole first week, I was doing nothing at all then the second, I crammed chock full of stuff. I had dinner with friends, cooked dinner for friends, drove around the island and visited a few places I’ve never really been to. Nooks and crannies that have always been there but where I’ve never ventured. I suppose I kinda feel almost like a stranger in my own country now. Displaced.

Had a great time though, especially cooking and eating with the NUSID guys. Hope you guys enjoyed it and hopefully next time, I will make better food. Was also great trying to kill myself playing footie. Had 2 shots inches off target but still got the passing foot. Just can’t run at all. Maybe it’s a wake up call that I should probably up my fitness rather than sit in front of a tv. It’s just hard cos I can’t play footie, which is prolly the only thing that would make me want to move my arse.

Family looks fine too, I hope my brother does well in his new course and mom and dad too. I feel like situation and time have splintered us all, extended family especially. It’s strange.

Well, I’ve got like another 24hrs or so before I’ve got to wake up into a grindfest. Hopefully it won’t be but the prospect of working again always sucks a little after a break. I wonder when my next one will be. Already looking forward to going back to real home. I think I miss it loads. The people, the place, the food, the atmosphere, the distinct smell of longkangs, grass, shopping malls and slippers. Things just aren’t quite the same in Sydney but I must persist and forge the career that I’ve chosen. Then return.