I didn’t get time to put up pictures of my house until now. It’s a nice long house, with heaps of space and I’m staying there with 3 friends. It’s a single storey terrace in Wollstonecraft. The front is mostly typical of houses in Sydney of this age, the layout is one long corridor and rooms on the side, amenities at the back. Sometimes, there’s lounges or whatever. The back of the house though, looks like it was refurbed and extended so instead of a large back garden, there’s more house.

That’s the front. There’s not really a garden, there’s patio space and lots of it, but no garden, which means no gardening. It’s elevated off the ground as you can see and we’re right next to a public carpark but it’s hardly ever noisy. In fact, it’s mostly really quiet.

At the back, we’ve got our laundry area perpetually full of chef’s uniforms and an orange tree.

The kitchen comes with this oven that has an open flame at the back and it’s pretty damn spacious. I could pretty much drop an island counter in the middle if I wanted to.

Here’s my Ikea dining room. 1 x Melltorp table usually meant for 6 and 4 Herman chairs. We purposely went for 3 yellow 1 white. 3 guys 1 girl concept. The staircase behind is for access to the public carpark, which no one uses. We’re also right behind a liquor store and several restaurants.

‘scuse the mess. It’s not normally like that. We usually dry stuff outside. Anyway, you get the idea, 2 red Klippans, a sliding glass door leading out to the back and a PS3. This part of the house is brick and forms part of an extension probably sometime in the 80s or something. I dunno.

That’s the weird loft space that gives the living room this retro feel. It’s only accessible by the ladder, which kinda sucks. We haven’t decided what to do with it. Too lazy to make it storage. You can get up there and sort of have a view of the surroundings.

This is my mostly white room. White white white and beige walls. Ikea furniture and Target clothes racks. I got white clothes racks too! Below’s the view from another angle. As you can see, I have this fireplace behind my desk. The room itself is huge. It was gonna be my housemate’s room but she decided she wanted even more space and took over 2 joining rooms instead. We relented because we didn’t wanna get beat up. Anyway, I got her 4x4m master/lounge room instead so it’s not like I have anything to whinge about.