First taste of proper Hunter Semillon, after like 3 years in Sydney. Ridiculous to the locals perhaps but I’m not big on Semillon.

The bottle in question is Tyrrell’s Single Vineyard Stevens Hunter Semillon 2006. The ’05 vintage of this scored 96 points per James Halliday.

Taste wise? Really good. Went well with sushi. Light but flavorful. Color was really light straw with a hint of green as much as dim lighting revealed I think. Smelled like plants or something. Tasted citrusy. Slightly honey-ish characteristics, or maybe just syrupy is a better description as it renders the texture somewhat.

I wouldn’t jump up and down and tell everyone about it but at least now I know what the big deal about Hunter Semi is. Not that much hahaha! I reckon it’s probably a better bet than yet another NZ Sauvignon Blanc at the moment because that’s all I drank the past 5 months. This bitch has got like a truckload of awards. Miraculously, also bottled on my birthday that year. Whaddaya know?