Haven’t uploaded this shit cos I was lazy and also somewhat apathetic towards doing it anyway. I think I’ve this zenith in my gigging or something. Instead of joining the tween crowd indie rocking the fuck out on the floor, we decided our aching kitchen battered bodies were better served seated. So we took to the left of the stage, watching and trying to have fun.

The opening act was like Sydney’s own Cloud Control. I don’t have any pictures or whatever but suffice to say, they were actually pretty good, one of the best local acts I’ve seen in a while. Poppy indie shit stuff. Cutesy.

Vampire Weekend were really good though. Between the excessive keyboard jizzing from Rostam Batmanglij (I wikied his name obvo) to the wonky leg dancing of Chris Baio or even Ezra Koenig being flat some of the time, it’d be easy to think the concert was a straight up dud. It wasn’t though. It was clearly “heaps fun” for the young children prancing in the shadows below, with their acid green hair and leggings or whatever torrid fashion abomination they strut around with. We had fun just listening to the music. Which was really loud and had quite a few frenetic moments.

I’m just sore and bitter I wasn’t on the floor.

I also uploaded this 400+mb vid of Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa on youtube. It features lots of people walking past the camera. It’s on my tumblr.