The internets in Oz is already shit enough. (Expensive, limited choice of ISPs depending on location even in the cities, limited downloads, shaping, inconsistent connections…) Yet, this complete moron is determined to push ahead with this ridiculous joke of an internet filter that’s stone age tech combined with amoral drivel. I cannot for the life of me understand this. The ISPs think it’s not a good idea. The webusers think it’s a bad idea. The opposition thinks it’s a bad idea. The big tech firms think it’s stupid. The rest of the world is laughing. And yet, despite the obviousness of how silly it is, they still want to push it through. To prove what? That it’s a waste of public money? That Australia needs to consider how senators get elected?

Maybe it’s because I’m scared my pr0n downloads will be affected or that I might get some pro govt. web spam or maybe it’s just because like 99% of other people who disagree with this “filter”, I simply see it is inherently stupid and pointless. I paid taxes to make this happen. I want my money back. Shits mad regressive.