Was walking home from work on a break when I thought I’d kop a cuppa. Normally, I would’ve hit Montagu but they were closing-ish or summat so I went to Bean Drinking next door. A short chat with the barista revealed they got in this 30 grand machine called “The Slayer” which is a new breed of machine that allows the barista to change the pressure as you pull a shot.

Wait what? That’s like next level coffee possibly. Totally stoked to get a proper taste test one of these days. Like tomorrow or something.

Bean Drinking impressed me before, because they dropped me a real decent cup the last time, not Campos level but quite bloody close. The curious fact that it’s at my doorstep helps heaps. Another thing I remembered was that they used naked portafilters, where the bottom of the thingey that pulls shots is open and the coffee doesn’t drip out from a spout but from the whole thing. Watch the video if my crap explanation doesn’t get you anywhere.

The machine itself looks pretty sick, kinda like something out of a bike shop. It’s custom made in Seattle by Slayer Expresso and allows the barista greater control than ever. In the vid above, you can check out the naked portafilters in the reflection on the machine. The coffee they’re pulling also looks insane.