My housemate was making noise, telling me she wanted to watch The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. This somehow turned into me trying to glean more info rather than grabbing a torrent. I ended up entranced by Douglas Adams’ second book instead, The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe.

Now I’m not gonna claim that I read it because I haven’t. I might possibly. But that might be impossible.

So anyway, I guess I was just transfixed by the idea of it all. Milliways is the name of the place, a restaurant situated on the fragments of a planet sitting on the edge of the universe. It sits in a time bubble that’s fixed to just before the end of all creation, where diners can grab a meal by time travelling there. If you were immortal, you could always wait til almost the end of existence. They only need to deposit 1 pence in their own bank accounts in their own time and through the wonders of compound interest, they would be able to afford the exorbitant fee charged at the end of time and space.

You can always get a table because you can just book retrospectively and get to dine with the entire cross section of existence throughout time and space. Locating the restaurant is also simple due to the fact that the universe has mostly collapsed into something rather tiny. You sit at your choice of table, hope you don’t run into yourself and watch the end of the end whilst your steak proffers thoughtful conversation.

I think I’d like a place like that. Something a little… impossible.