First a stupid filter and now a proposal to log internet histories and connect that to IP addresses and passports. Yes. Passports. Under this new government proposal, you will need to hand over your passport number to the ISP you sign up to. Those guys will then be forced to keep a log of all your activity. In fact, they’re even going to have to pay for this “service”. I’m going to assume it doesn’t catch your encrypted SSL internet banking stuffs. Because if it did, it’d be bonkers. Even still, that means that the government will have access to all the sites you’ve been to for the past few years and all the emails and whatever else you do online. Why I don’t know.

They might not need to legally force me to stay out of this country. I just might need to go somewhere else where the people in charge do things that don’t waste your taxes, time and focus on important things like improving the economy, improving the infrastructure, making businesses more viable and education and healthcare… I totally miss my formerly totalitarian home.

What all the information is to be kept for I don’t know. I do know it can be used for purposes that betray civil liberties and also for nefarious reasons and profit. I also don’t know why they would suggest the ISPs keep it. Their responsibility is to their customers not to scare them away. Also, it will probably be easy to get around this. Even if you had all that info. Which poor sod is going to sift through all that. Will they use computers to google through the mountains of logs to find people who accidentally stumbled onto “illegal” sites? How do they determine if someone has committed a “crime”? What the fuck are they looking for? Someone stumbling onto a site doesn’t mean they frequent it. Especially if their computers aren’t controlled by them. I’m not talking about hackers but anyone can use your computer.

Everything and everyone seems to be suggesting that the filter and now this logging thing is stupid, expensive and a waste of time. Yet, they still appear to be determined to make Australia an internet policed state. Even moreso than China. Why? Also, how come the people don’t get a say. Why don’t they even listen to the ISPs who are the experts? What the fuck are they trying to achieve? Are they really just that goddamn retarded? Do/Have they even used the internet before? Peeps just wanna watch youtube yo.

I may be overreacting somewhat. The EU does have something similar in place although the proposed Australian regime goes beyond that. They have a right to enforce some sort of controls or at least suggest them. It’s just anyone can see if a plan is moronic then they shouldn’t even be suggested, nevermind formally drafted and put forward. Zero transparency is also super dodgy. They can do whatever they want. Sure they may start out with pure intentions but the minute one mofo walks in the door, then what? Also, the idea of such a policed, sterile nation doesn’t strike me as being very “Australian”. The hypocrisy is also astounding given they lambast Google for their recent cockup and now they’re suggesting to do the same thing.

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