I have like 6 or 7 pairs of frames. Most of them costing under $50 each but I somehow still want more variety! 3 pairs are my nice pairs. The rest I thrash wearing at work in front of firey stoves and deep fryers. I just totally want something with a keyhole bridge for whatever obscure reason. First choice is the Robert Geller David ones I posted before. So dope with that honey crystal color and mirror finish lense. Oh did I mention I have zero sunnies. Yea I think that’s what I need in Sydney. Which leads me to looking for vintagey stuff online and I came across Allyn Scura like a year ago. Now other than stocking a lot of new old stock vintage frames from the likes of Shuron and American Optical as well as the coveted Tart Arnel, Allyn Scura also make their own frames.

Another option are these Allyn Scura Legends either in Crystal or Grey Smoke. ~US$175 incl. shipping.