I’ve always wanted a solid technical shell jacket made of some waterproof material like a Goretex or something. I remember loving the army jacket back in the day, only I hated that it was only available in camo. Black is the only acceptable shade imo. Even better if it’s lined with something warm or if you can attach something to it.

My current beater is this Uniqlo FW 07/08 jawn that is thinly lined, isn’t waterproof but looks ok and also cost me very little. I’ve also worn it everywhere for the past few years in the rain (it’s resistant anyway) and it’s still holding up great. Pretty awesome even if the sleeves are a touch short and it’s not very warm at all. Still, that doesn’t stop me from wanting something else. As I always do.

There’s 3 jackets I know I’d replace the Qlo one in a heartbeat if the price were right. Problem is, I know it won’t be haha. These bitches run around a G. American. Still, when it gets cold and rainy here, I sure do wish I had one. Or at least I just wish I could dress like some kinda modern day ninja.

The Acronym GT-J14 from F/W 09/10 is probably the most technical of all, with a ton of functionality involving zips and pockets everywhere, a magnet on the collar for your earphones, a storm hood and added tomfoolery if you also own their 3A-1 pouch.

Arcteryx also has this new line out called Veilance, which is their premium line with greater attention to aesthetic. Gotsta love the HS03. You can tell from the way they finished the pockets. Probably the most proper weather appropriate jacket of the bunch. Also comes with hood, taped seams, a bundle of pockets, a chin guard and plenty of adjustments.

Then of course, you can’t discount the Visvim Bickle 3L which is really just an overpriced M65 that can combine with an insulator for added warmth, which pushes the price past insanity. It looks the most classic and has those lovely taped seams on the inside with all the other trimmings. It is also totally sold out like everywhere.