BevShots makes these images of magnified, dried out alcoholic drinks. They take like a margarita or a cosmo or something, dry it out in a petri dish and then take a magnified photo at the molecular structural level of the components of the drink. Since they’re all made of different stuff, you get all these different colors and shit. Whilst much of the “artwork” looks a lot like tie dye gone wrong, I found it interesting that the things I drank correlated to the images that appealed to me. For the most part anyway. I mean, with regards to wine, there isn’t much attention paid to even separate the grape varieties. It’s just red table wine. Also, there’s a few that I have never tasted, which look pretty cool.

Stuff I drink: A Belgian Lambic, Belgian Dark Ale and a Japanese Dry Lager.

Stuff I haven’t drunk but will because this looks awesome: English Oatmeal Stout, Irish Pale Lager, English Pure Brewed Lager and strangely, a Rose.

via Gizmodo.