Working long hours means I binge eat. A lot. I’ve gained a couple kilos as a result. My latest discoveries include the following:

  • Salami of all types. Like $30 a kilo and I get like 200g each time. Pick it off as I surf.
  • Tim Tams. Currently fascinated with Double Coat and Honeycomb Crush.
  • Sausages. Chorizos in particular.
  • Waffles. With maple syrup.
  • Frozen Berries. These are the shit. Like $6 for a 500g bag. It’s little frozen munchies.
  • Smith’s Sour Cream & Onion. Best chip in Oz.
  • Pork Krackles. Discovered this at Woolies. Basically, it’s pork crackling. Dope and cheap.
  • Sara Lee Cheesecakes. Childhood nostalgia concept.
  • Tonkatsu. Ever since I ate some decent stuff at this place called Miso, run by the Masuya group, I’ve been making my own and trying to improve on it. Sucks without a deep fryer though.
  • Coke Zero. It’s my eau de vie.
  • Cheap South American reds. Like Malbec from Chile/Argentina.
  • Honey Yuzu tea. This Korean stuff is dope.
  • Beroccas. At night.
  • Pastizzi. You can get this frozen and they are awesome for a frozen product. Basically puff pastries filled with cheese or whatever.