When I first watched Tampopo, I was 13. It was showing at the Singapore film fest and my mom’s old boss used to be the head honcho for the thing, so we got free tickets. I definitely remember enjoying the film. Totally remember the egg yolk scene and my first taste of eroticism on film. So I saw the Dvd on the display window in a shop near my house and decided to kop it and relive some memories, hopefully watch a good film and one that’s extremely close to what I want to do in the future.

I was pleasantly surprised that the movie ticked all the right boxes. It’s a triumph in the human condition, particularly showcasing a lot of Japanese culture and food as well but it’s a film that has universal appeal. The main story is about a retinue of men helping out this one lady run a ramen joint. The confusing bits involve seemingly random scenes that are segued in by way of camera movement. These mini “acts” have little to do with the main story but address something else. The famous egg yolk scene is one where a recurring gangster character separates an egg and drops the yolk in his mouth. He then passes it to his lover and her back to him until she climaxes, which is as ridiculous and sexy as it sounds. It’s got nothing related to the main story, just the film going off on tangents.

The food scenes are also awesome. The opening has this guy learning how to eat ramen from the master. There’s this sad as all hell scene where a dying woman cooks a meal for her family. There’s a scene where they cook omu rice, showing the technical aspects of it. There’s the discourse on ramenology. It’s a superbly sincere satire that will get you aroused by all the things that make life worth living.

Here’s the egg yolks. And some oysters with an over 18 (for real).