It’s not often I buy something I’ve lusted after/posted on here but never buy. This wallet came via an Oki-Ni sale at like 50% off or something. Love love love the functionality. I’ll admit I didn’t care much for the zipper or whatever and mostly just liked the beige suede and the fact that I am brand whore. Having used the wallet, I find it super dope useful. I use it mostly closed. If I want to pull out cash, I unzip halfway and drag a note out. No need to flip it open. I also put the frequent access cards near the top, so I can just pluck em out without opening the wallet at all. If I do need access to the cards, I just snap it open. The zip makes sure money/receipts/etc stay inside the wallet. Hell I could even drop coins in if I wanted. Pretty damn elegant purse disguised as a wallet what with it’s slimness and all that.