I posted recently about my junkie ways. I’m rather proud of my junk food ability. As in the ability to sniff out quality junk food that’s nasty but seriously tasty. The kinda stuff that is legit as a gastronomic exercise. I consider junkin’ an art. Most junk food really is junk. It doesn’t even taste good. There’s quite a few gems though. I reckon if you gave me a week in a new city spent entirely in a well stocked supermarket, I’d be able to suss out what’s worth dropping coin on. Pro tip: you gotsta read the ingredients list, take into account the attention to packaging and skip anything that tries to sell itself as “healthy”.

Everybody has a junkie habit. Ferran Adria is partial to Bollycao, a commercially packaged kid’s pastry snack with chocolate in the middle that’s from Spain. Rather than his own fried chicken, David Chang is a Popeyes kinda guy. Alice Waters like caramel corn. Gordon Ramsay likes chocs and gummy sweets. Thomas Keller likes hot dogs and peanut butter. Together.

Check out how Wylie Dufresne, Jamie Oliver, Laurent Tourondel, Mario Batali, Tony Bourdain and other peeps get their junk on from this article at The Huffington Post.