Ok, at one point, I kinda wanted a set of Harmon Kardon Soundsticks to throw on my desk for looks and sound because I just know my reflected sound iMac speakers just don’t cut the mustard. Then I saw some stuff online which has made me decide otherwise. So the question is really, A or B. Or C. Always have a plan C.

Both by LaCie, both designed by Neil Poulton. The first one is simply named the Firewire speaker and the second is the Sound2. Both probably sound like crap, even if What Hi-fi? reckons it’s quite good. So piped muzak or massive button steez? The former uses the firewire port which would be like 100% unused and the latter uses USB. Both can use a line in as well. Or I could just kop a pair of Alessandro MS-1i.

They cost around the same pricewise, shipped to me anyway whether it’s from a down under store or otherwise. The sound quality though, is supposed to be totally different. The headphones, if slightly uncomfortable, would be out and out in front by like a mile and a half. The Sound2 would come in a distant second and the Firewire ones would be like a slightly further third place.