It’s strange the sort of randomness I get into sometimes. Or perhaps absurdity happens because it is the way of things and it would be absurd of me to think otherwise. Just this morning, I was reading about David Ho trying to find the cure for AIDS in a recent issue of Time magazine before I perused a copy of Gourmet Traveller. It was only until I’d read about Neil Perry’s now defunct Wockpool that I realized the magazine was from ’97. At the same time I was also sort of watching snippets of The Bucket List, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Curious choice of a movie. I also caught the start of some Sandra Bullock movie whilst reading about soil in National Geographic. All these things I don’t normally do but I had to stem the boredom on this awful morning.

I’d just had 2 mega bowls of ramen the night before at Menya, probably the best overall ramen in Sydney. Then I watched Inception, which was awesomesauce, and slept at like 12:30 or so. This meant I had 5 hours of dozydoze before I woke, threw on my mate’s jacket (sorry Mat, I couldn’t find mine) and traipsed to work. I’d lit a stove and went to the hot plate, lifted it up and lit one burner. The hot plate wobbled and I had to readjust it. Then I tried to light the other burner but the hot plate wobbled again, only I couldn’t adjust only try to get out the way as it fell. I thought I was fine until I saw this “20mm” strip of purpley-red brown on the fat part of my palm. Amazing. Some heavy ass piece of kitchenry had split me open again. The fat was poking out this time. I have a single (handphone camera) photo of a blood covered wound but it’s 20mm long and 4mm deep according to the doctor.

I had to wait ages. I turned up at the hospital at 6:30 and waited about 2 hours before I got treated. I kept wondering if I’d get infected. That fear was quelled when the doctor came and squeezed out like 6 or 7 bottles of antiseptic, half of it staining my (sorry Mat and there’s some blood too I think) mate’s jacket. Then she dabbed it off and proceeded to dump anaesthetic around the wound. After that she had the pincer thingey poke around and yup, I could feel it hurt. So, more anaesthetic and right now I can safely say, my hand is still numb. 3 stitches and more waiting before I was done. I got some paperwork, a bandage, some antibiotics, a tetanus jab and off work for 4 days. It works out to 2 days because it occurs on my off days but whatever.

I’m glad I have full motor function in my hand, it’s my left and it’s really just this awful little gash on the palm. I was pretty lucky. 4 days off after a dead horse flogging fortnight is kinda nice and just happened earlier than I’d expected. I do not want to crush my hands again.