Best breakfast in Sydney? Timeout reckons it’s Kazbah, a pan north African/middle eastern diner in Balmain. I’d have to agree wholeheartedly. I had some Turkish coffee and a lamb mince tagine for about $22.50 and it was pretty damn tasty. My mate had some chickpea fritters with a deep fried pork belly shish kebab that was also really good but the tagine was awesomesauce.

On the bottom, you got like a substantial amount of mince, Sucuk, spinach, roast capsicum, onions and feta. On top of that, half a roma tomato and 2 eggs just beautifully coddled and glossy. On the side, a lemon wedge, some Turkish and Lebanese bread. The acid in the lemon gives the whole dish a good fresh kick and helped me finish it. I thought it was really delicious but the portion was a touch massive. I would gladly pay for a $15 version with less mince. Still it is dope and I highly recommend it.

Kazbah actually does a brekkie buffet/degu where groups of 6 and up can pay $25 each and eat everything off the menu more or less. Some other drool worthy offerings include some French toast with glazed figs, bacon and cream or rice pudding with poached pear, honey & cinnamon or even just a selection of their offerings like sucuk or merguez sausage or whatever.

Will return for more petrol coffee and great hearty brekkie/lunch/dindin.