Nice surprise just inside the house today on my way home from a break at work. I just had to say that these things are insane. For $100, they sound like they cost 10 times the amount. So clear, so crisp, so clean, so warm and so detailed. On some Takeo Toyama piano music, I can hear the pedals getting pushed or the absolute final klinks. Yet the bass isn’t weak either. Raekwon sounded really tight and boomin’. I’m just like woah, never taking these off again at home.

Looks wise, they aren’t shiny glossy pieces of crap like some other stuff on the market. There’s like only one design with minor changes throughout the model lineup. If you get a pair of Grados/Alessandros, they all pretty much look like the one above. A form follows function approach that retains a certain look that is not quite Dieter Rams but it’s got a somethin’ somethin’.

It also comes with this thickass cable that looks really impressive. The length of the cable can’t be adjusted and is fixed in place with a Y shaped junction piece where (woah… Fourtet is insane… The swells…) it leads up to the cans. The pin plug in the pic can be unscrewed for a regular 3.5mm jack.

It’s an open headphone design as well, so the sound leaks out and it’s a touch largish. I wouldn’t recommend these as portables per se unless you have to share your love for whatever with the world. It’s an awesome pair of homephones though. Private listening concept.

The cans I have are the Alessandro Music Series 1i or MS-1i for short, a collabo between Grado and Alessandro using different drivers from regular Grados. Mine’s also the new i version, which has some “changes” and costs $10 more. Super highly recommended.