From faraway, we noticed the stall by the ridiculous juxtaposition of this small rattan/wooden overhanging canopy jutting out against this sleek black and white space. Bunches of  bananas hung off it as if it were some random South East Asian market stall. This was Miss Chu, a place specialising in Vietnamese rice paper wraps, dumplings and more. They’re actually a catering company moreso but opened this space sorta recent-ish to give some rolls to the people. And do they come. In droves, queuing and waiting and shit.

Miss Chu herself manned the front, taking orders and doing the cash with a paper cup as a hilarious makeshift megaphone to call out names. We got to see a lot of shit actually. Like  this lady came and I think she wanted to put up a campaign poster on the lampost outside the shop. “Don’t make me take that down!” yelled the venerable madam, causing the bewildered campaigner to scurry away. Still moments later, this indecisive dude incurred the wrath. All I remember hearing was “Of course there’s noodles in the roll. They’re rice paper rolls you know?” Miss Chu grabbed one out the fridge and shoves it into the hand of the guy who’s still looking up and down the menu. “$6!”. “Ur… Can I also get the uh…..” “Ok, $13.50 thanks!” In and out yo. Even later, this du rocks up all rude like and asks for a “container to eat my food in, like a bowl?”. Miss Chu goes “We’re a tuckshop, we don’t do bowls.” So they work it out and she thrusts a few dumpling takeaway cups into his hand whilst he rocks off all upset saying shit like he’s a regular and all and just wants some civility without the civility in his speech. I was thinking a reg would know the biz better than that but clearly, Miss Chu ain’t gon take no shit from nobody.

She also nicely gave us a closer look at her menu, which has got like her real illegal immigrant temporary visa printed on it. They also do music as well. $20 gets you the Miss Chu music cd, which is a dance mix LP made by friends. Mad respect for the fierce attitude and style/concept of the place. Music’s not my jam. Food totally is.

Get the tiger prawn rolls. Dumped with a good load of viet mint and green mango, it’s fresh and dope. I reckon the dumplings and bigger main meals also looked good as well sitting on other people’s tables. O.P.T. Which I’m totally down with. Super crowded at lunch. Go early or be patient. Know exactly what you want and have your backups or alts in mind or be ready to drop stuff. Like we opted for 3 half frozen coconut juices over the iced coffee which they didn’t have on the day. As one person said in line “People clearly don’t come here for the customer service”. I gotsta say tho. Why people gotta be all pampered just cos they spending like $15. Ridic. It ain’t a restaurant, so no expectations you know.

Miss Chu
Shop 1/50 Bourke Street
Darlinghurst 2010
8356 9988
Mon – Fri 11am to 9pm