Favourite cheese? Beaufort. Beautiful stuff. The winter version is made with cow’s milk from alpine herds that feed on hay and the cheese takes 0n that character. So it becomes like nutty and creamy. The summer version, which I’m smashing at the mo, has the same herd fed on herbs and flowers and grass so it’s really brighter, floral and herby in flavor. Also really sweet.

But beyond the fact that the cheeses produced during different times have different characteristics, Beaufort is just goddamn delicious. A semi hard cheese that melts really well and has good, rich flavor. I just can’t say no. Best cheese ever imo.

I’ve seen most Beaufort in Australia unlabelled as to which variety it is. I reckon most of it tends to be the winter version, which somehow costs $120 a kilo whilst the summer version I got was like $90 a kilo. Or maybe the more expensive might be the d’alpage version, I’m not super sure. I do know most places on the interwebs tell me the summer version is more prized. I do know this summer version I got from GPO Cheese Room in Martin Place is my fave cheese ever. Ever. Creamy and buttery rich with this complex, floral/herbal aroma and flavor that’s just a little special.

Would totally make a souffle out of this. Or a sauce with some chardonnay and butter.