I just got to reading some interview with some person and they asked them about their philosophy. I always put myself in the shoes of the interviewee and end up like making up my own answers, pretending that I’m like some bigshot or whatever whatever.

So anyway, I got around to thinking about what I liked, my aesthetic inclination. On the basic, it’s simple. Simplicity is obvious. It’s sensible, economical and patently boring to even suggest. Ask any designer and the most common thing would be simplicity. The ones that don’t say simple in some way shape or form either forgot, are lying or are shit designers.

I think a better description of how I like things to be might be subtle. Something where one needs to pay attention to, invest time and effort in to understand; something that isn’t immediately obvious with the most trivial observation.

I think an even better term is deceptive. I like the malevolence that comes with the word, the idea that you’re tricking someone without them quite knowing. Up front and honest to me, is brutally stupid. One of my housemates likes to describe things as being honest if they’re simple and blunt, whether it’s people, food or whatever. The emotion she draws from such things/creatures is honesty. To me, it’s naivete. Honest means a lack of skill to hide flaws or turn them into strengths. Honest is when a bumbling fool saves the day by slipping and knocking the villain over. Honesty is detriment.

Deception on the other hand, is vile. It seeks to deflate expectation to further inflate it later. Or to mislead entirely, bamboozle and confound. Imagine if Massive Attack swopped out Protection. Sick. I will deceive for it allows my ego to believe.