Guz y Gomez muchacho. Guz y Gomez. They just opened up in Crows Nest and they are the fresh breath that the burb has been crowing out for. Nahm sayin? Not another stupid 50 seater Japanese/Thai place (it used to be one) serving the same ol same ol. No. A goddamn bright yellow and black lettered Mexican burrito parlour. I had to queue up at lunchtime but they were super fast. Like 5 mins fast and I got my food in hand and boy is it good.

In Sydney, Mexican food is typically a rubbish overpriced place that serves a lot of avocadoes and tomatoes and nachos but costs way too much. Guzman y Gomez are $10 for a burrito and coke. $10. I added some guac (ok) and corn chips (good crunch and not Doritos) for $5. $15 for that flavor is totes worth. Too good to be true status. Personally, I’m a massive fan of their pork chipotle quesadillas (pic below), 3 for $10 is still small but hella tasty. If I’m hungry, the burrito is the works. Pico de Gallo, black beans, rice… Dope shit.

Yo I’m pretty sure GyG aren’t even really authentic or superbly amazing. It’s simple, tasty stuff. I don’t even care because it’s hard to find good, cheap food in Sydney. You don’t even have the luxury of authenticity, nevermind mindblowing. I don’t know what good Mexican is. I don’t even know what a good burrito really is. I do know what a good deal is. Fork tender pork, bits of fat, beans covered in sauce, a piquant salsa, well cooked rice in a non soggy wrap, free sample chilli sauces and sliced jalapenos… I can even order online…

If there is better “Mexican”, be it Flying Fajita Sisters, Rojo Rocket, Mad Mex or whatever, I am totally going there. I’m probably just raving because the flavors are newer and fresher to my tired palate. Or maybe it’s the insane colors/graphics that’s typical of the places I’ve mentioned. There’s just this dash of insanity and frivolity that’s like smashing a pinata. It doesn’t make much sense if at all but it’s stupid fun. Voted Sydney’s best cheap eat in a Timeout poll of 2551 “by a landslide”. I don’t disagree at all.