Bondi has got a lotta tourists and also a lovely little Italian bar like kinda place called La Piadina, where they serve piadinas. A piadina I learned, is a kinda flatbread kneaded and rolled into a regular pizza base size, then tossed on a hot plate to toast. They then smack it to keep it flat before heating up fillings and then putting that into the bread, folding it in half, slicing it up to serve.

At La Piadina, the piadinas/piadinae (whateve) come cut into four and served on this thickass piece of woodblock that has their name marked on a corner. They cost like $12 and come in a variety of flavours, including my pick of an eggplant, mushroom and tomato. I loved this. Beautiful for a snack, ok for a meal too. Way lighter than a pizza and toastier than a quesadilla. I totally recommend something with tomato, cheese of some sort (they use great buffalo mozz) and something savoury.

They also have like a mini deli selling pros and coppa and pancetta and shit but stick with the bread and you’ll be gold.