Single Origin was part one of the weekly food jaunt. Breakfast was going to be an interesting one lined up by the coffee specialists on Reservoir Street. This month just so happens to be good food month and every Thursday and Friday morning, SO are doing Origin breakfasts, where they serve a meal of brekkie that is supposed to come from the same place where the coffee is being featured. This week we had a Matari Mocha coffee from Yemen and a stew of “saltah” which had some tomato, ricey stuff and beans and vegetables plus a fenugreek foam. It came with this flatbread called fatut and some scrambled eggs. I have no idea at all if the food is like authentic or whatever but it tasted real nice anyway.

The coffee though was totally next level. I really liked how this was like a morning coffee food matching kinda thing and you get to try one single origin 3 ways. The first was a syphon, which was heated up with a bunsen burner and looked like a chem lab experiment with a beaker of water over it. This stand holds it aloft and they connected another thing on top, which created a vacuum seal and sucked up the water into the coffee grounds on the top. After most of the water got sucked up, they released the pressure and the coffee fell back down, ultraclean filtered. We wait a minute before smelling and ingesting. The stuff looked more like tea than coffee, almost translucent rather than the dark opaquey stuff you associate with filter coffee. I could drink this everyday, big, deep and real good body to it. Also, it’s so damn clean for a coffee.

Round 2 comes with breakfast, which is the stew and scramble plus some flatbread. This tastes really good with the coffee, like how uh… a regular breakfast and coffee would be, only more aromatic and bright, what with all the tomato in the stew and all. I think the food was nice and tasty and it went well together with the joe. Nick, the guy taking care of us, pops out with another beaker filled with dark black liquid, darker than the first coffee. This he pours into 2 shot glasses filled with ice. This was the cold drip coffee, where they let cold water drip for 9 hours until they collect enough to fill what was in the beaker I guess.Nick promises that this would be like a scotch.

I sniff it and whoa! take a slug. Man. The breath of the thing kinda gave off this leathery, smoky, woody note you totally associate with bourbon/whiskey/scotch/old timey brown alcohol next to a fire concept. Drinking it, you half expect some alcohol to pop up. Mind you, this is cold as well and somewhat diluted with ice. The experience lessens as you get to the end but that first sip was intense and I would not have taken it to be coffee at first tasting. Wouldn’t drink this everyday but would be glad to substitute this for a scotch at a bar anyday.

Alright we finish up our food and coffee and then Nick comes out again asking what we want for the espresso course, a latte maybe? Uh. 2 double rizzes pls kthx. Nick laughs and jots off back to his coffee maniac holding zone before coming out with 2 plates of dessert, a multi layered crunchy crispy pancake drizzled with honeycomb butter. Man, this was nice and sweet, a beautiful compliment to coffee anyday but maybe less so on a day when I really want to taste the coffee. Which comes not long after, 2 sweet little cuppas. I whiff and slug one time. Mmm…. I get fruity cherry and chocolate underneath but there’s something that doesn’t just make this a straight up cherrychoc coffee, it’s weird. I really like this, maybe it’s because I recently ate an entire bar of sour cherry dark chocolate but I really like this. I also did some homework on the Matari coffee and find that some people say it’s a touch of an acquired taste because it’s got that leathery/burnt wood accent to it. I thought the stuff I got today tasted fantastic, not my favourite bean but I liked it. Of course, this is the coffee that led to mocha becoming coffee+chocolate rather than the coffee or the city in Yemen.

Nick comes out again and we thank him, he wonders if we want more coffee so we get 2 takeaway lattes, pay the bill and book ourselves in for next week, Nicaragua. We’ll probably rustle some mates to come down as well. Shit is dope.