Week 2 of Single Origin’s Origin Breakfasts takes us to Nicaragua, where we get a taste of a cup of excellence winner from 2009. We start with the syphon again. I notice the shortness in the body. Nick, the guy in charge lets me onto the citrusy grapefruit elements in the coffee. I was like orlly? I thought I had like nuts or something at the back end. I was so totally wrong and he was so totally right.

We move onto breakfast, which is a corn tamale wrapped in banana leaf and served with a bean stew, egg, guacamole and pico de gallo. It looks really good but I’m not like a massive fan of the tamale, which sorely needed the guac/salsa as accompaniment. The beans were nice though. The basic idea for this one was that the farmers would possibly have some corn grown near the coffee so they’d make something outta that whilst the coffee was harvested and have that for a meal after. I think the coffee and the food don’t totally go hand in hand but I can’t say it’s bad or nothin’ like that.

Round two pops out and it’s the cold drip. Instead of the intense smoky leathery Yemeni coffee last week, we get a light bodied if darker, more roasted but acidic profile. This really comes out well with the espresso course. As typical, we get a double riz and bam the citrus is right there. Nick is like on the money. I’m so gonna listen attentively next round. It starts out big and bright and then mellows very gently into this sorta swelling flavor. I don’t perceive grapefruit but it’s citrusy to me at least. There’s also no nut finish that I thought I would get based on the syphon. It is really really dope though. I like this single cup much more than last week’s but I liked last week’s one more overall.

The sweet course pops out and it’s a vanilla rice pud in a shot glass with a segment of blood orange and one slice of biscotti. Not my fave thing in the world matched with one of my fave things in the world and something that I like eating from time to time. The blood orange gets swamped though. Still, it’s nice to get something sweet and I suppose with the citrus in the coffee, it sorta made sense to have the blood orange in there.

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