I think I’ve caught a health bug. Well sorta anyway. Last week was spent with 5 other friends kayaking around Balmoral. That was heaps fun as we went from one beach all the way to another and back for some fish and chips at Bottom of the Harbour. This afforded me a newfound appreciation for my own workplace’s fish n chips. Not to say that BotH isn’t good, just that y’know, I respect what our guys on the fryer are doing in the grand scheme of things. I reckon there’s maybe a few other places which can rival/surpass our version but suffice to say, I think we’re pretty damn good. I digress. This is about the health bug thing and has to somehow lead up to that image above, not the paradoxical talk of fattening foodstuffs. Kayaking. Good fun. Just laying back on the water, swaying to the current and staring up at the sky (sunnies on) is just awesome. Want to repeat.

Anyway, we figured the next thing we’d do is more group activities and tomorrow is badminton at the sports center right outside my house. Who knew you could rent a badminton court in Sydney anyway? So I go to Rebel Sport and splurge on a $40 racket. This harkens back to the days when I was like 10 and badminton was my game (it used to be sprinting). My uncle used to be in the national team or somesuch and gave me some awesome Robertson Wilson racket. I had no clue it was good, until I compared my lightweight and superstrong (at the time) racket with my mates and realised. I still secretly wanted a Yonex with neon yellow strings and grip though.

Fast forward to today and my $40 racket is probably heaps better than my old one and it doesn’t have the neon but it will suffice. I hope I don’t sprain an ankle fluffing at shots tomorrow. I hope I remember how to serve.

Aside from the racket, I also got myself a pair of new goggles. They’re the ones above with the mirror finish lenses. You can’t see my eyes! Look out for them at a swimming pool in North Sydney on a guy with awfully tight swim tighty tights real soon is all I’m sayin’.

Also incoming, the Nike Free Run+/ninja shoes I’ve lusted for for an age and a half. I’m actually gonna start working out and have fun doing so as well.