If you thought Inception was a mindfuck, you should watch Primer. Where the former played into the idea of a dream within a dream within a dream ad infinitum, Primer plays with time. It also eschews special effects and fancy costumes or 3D modelling or references to M.C Escher. It cost just 7 thousand American to make and won the Grand Jury at Sundance ’04.

4 guys spend their free time doing rubbish science projects in a garage, in some hope that they can create something that might make money. 2 of em end up making a time machine instead of some anti gravity device they wanted. They start using this to make money in the stock market but soon, they end up meddling with everything in their lives until things get more and more complex, resulting in the ultimate ending of their relationship as good friends.

It’s a story about power and corruption. It is also chock full of real physics terminology and jargon that you don’t need to understand. It does however render a certain sense of authenticity, as if you were really watching a pair of boring ass, tie wearing engineer inventors bickering over positrons. Another side effect is the intended obfuscation. The film doesn’t give you any pause at all. With complex plots, most filmmakers just throw in cues to foreshadow things or maybe put something that makes you realize why/what/how etc. Primer doesn’t bother to insult your intelligence and I’d suggest you bring it because it is freakin’ convoluted. I was fine about halfway through and then I just went into breakdown. I just couldn’t handle the multiple realities/timelines happening and the constant rewriting of history. I also didn’t have much of a reference to what might be reality or the originality. Maybe it was because I found it hard to concentrate on what version of events when I was at the last half hour or so. This is meant to make the viewer feel like they’re as confused as the characters, with their lives split into multiples over that same time period, not knowing what’s really real anymore. Or what’s right or wrong anymore.

Trailer doesn’t show much but this is defo one of those low budget indie flicks that deserves greater recognition and isn’t complete hipster tripe.