This is a list in the hope of a better x’mas next year. Stuff I need to remember. Although some shit might be universal.

  1. Plan the menu.
  2. Buy food early.
  3. Drink less.
  4. Make the damn move!
  5. Wham! is teh suck.
  6. Appreciate the thoughts that count.
  7. Disregard the uselessness of presents you get.
  8. Refuse to cover sick colleagues.
  9. Sleep more.
  10. Relax and enjoy yourself.
  11. Buy gifts early.
  12. Have a car.
  13. Just kop it.
  14. Be in Singapore. (most impt!)

I usually do the first two meticulously. I was just super tired doing a super long stretch covering an extra 2 days for my colleague and could not be bothered. Special mention to #13, not buying the Nike NSW Zizo M65, which is 2 jackets in one, a thermal zip in zip out inner bomber style liner and the exterior Goretex shell for just over $300 down from $500+.

Super special mention for #14. Miss you guys at home.