Ok Guzman Y Gomez is like one of my regular joints but one of the real reasons why is because I’ve been on this bender for Pico de Gallo for like, ever. I dunno why I love the stuff but it’s so simple and lovely and fresh and tasty. The funny bit is it’s all veg. It’s like my go to thing if I want to eat vegetable. I just hit up GyG and get something hahaha. I also keep smashing the salsa I make at work. We got this corn fritter dish for brekkie and the garnish is some avocado salsa and I just can’t stop won’t stop eating most of it after service is over.

The basic principle of a good salsa fresca like a PdG is that everything is fresh and ripe. The key players imo are tomatoes, onion, acidity and salt. Everything else can come in later. However, I reckon my fave would use limes, black pepper, chilli, coriander, cucumber, capsicums and jalapenos (fresh ones) or habaneros if I’m feeling up for it. Actually I think I realized the biggest thing about a PdG is the tomatoes and their meaty, umami bang that is really allowed to explode with the salt and acid you add.

So anyway, I was reading around about authentic PdGs and found that Mexicans use this thing called Jicama, which is a yam bean in english. Wikipedia to the rescue and woah. Jicama = bang kuang. You know, the stuff you use to make popiah. Yea that stuff. That radishy/turnipy thing that isn’t either. That stuff.¬†Totally want to like make this PdG filled popiah right now, totally raw and totally vegetarian. Oh wait I think it’s called a burrito. Oh wait, I just ate one. WooT!

*edit. I just had this idea. Like you know how tomatoes are full of umami goodness and all dat? Also, they are awesome with soy sauce. Seriously. I think I want to make this salsa with soy sauce and tofu. Like that David Chang cherry tomato salad I made before. Tomatoes, soy, tofu, black vinegar, coriander, spanish onion, bang kuang, chilli, shallots and maybe some sesame oil. Take a crispy shallow fried egg, put on rice and top with spicy soy salsa.