My verdict so far for Jil’s S/S 2011 collection for Uniqlo is totally based on viewing flat images on a screen and not feeling it up like I might real soon if either a)Uniqlo SG brings it in! or b)I wait until the end of the month when I go to Japan hehehe.

And the verdict is? Too many buttons.

The outerwear was always a bit touch and go for me. This season is no different. The pieces that look the  strongest just have wayyy too many buttons and details. I really like the vest, which is reversible and comes in black, navy and beige so far. Shown below over a light spring jacket in the similar material, it looks pretty future Jil. It’s the one must have for me. I think the coats and suits are always nice/decent value but the price keeps going up up up. Another thing that should be good is the cropped pants. The pants have always been cut real nice versus the price and quality so the cropped version would be super perfect for summer. So I might get. Shirts I’m not too into, likewise basics. I just don’t fit +J basics. Another maybe is a light spring jacket. Actually I’ll probably just get the whole look below but not wear them together.

Update! Fucking Sapporo store didn’t have anything! Vest is also sold out online… Tried on the cropped chinos in Singapore and they are absurdly slim on my big calves. Skin tight gay gym going tight.