VW is probably my fave marque of cars. They make my fave car, which is the VW Golf, probably half of Europe’s fave car as well. To me, the Golf Mark IV from ’97 to ’05 is like the Apple iPod 4G, the perfect ubiquitous design for its class of product. Yes it’s common but to me that is also testament to it’s power. Some might say the design is a touch boring or nondescript but I suppose that’s exactly why I’m so drawn to it. Also, a Golf GTi ain’t no slouch. You know in Radiohead’s Airbag, there’s a line that goes “in a faaaassst German car…”, I always think of a Golf GTi.

Anyway, VW don’t just make boxes. They also made the Scirocco, which I saw plastered up on TANGS looking purdy sexy. It’s like a Golf wearing makeup. It really is because the old Scirocco (WIMF*) was based on the old Golf/Jetta but given a sportier outlook.

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I just really love the all black/glass top that makes it look more seamless, a trend I notice is getting more and more common. It’s like when I was a kid and all the futuristic cars had no struts across the front top, just clear glass for maximum visibility and design cleanliness. That front end is also pretty sex and the curve on the side profile too. Makes it look like the car is arching up further, springing into action sorta.

*Wikipedia is mein freund.