Good Milo comes from Malaysia. For most Singaporeans and Malaysians, I think you’d be horrified to know that Australia invented Milo. I say this because Australian milo is shit. I know this because it really is unquestionably shit. Malaysian milo, on the other hand, is THE shit. Thank god then, for Malaysia’s greatest contribution to the culinary world, aside from rat burgers of course.

Malaysia may make the best Milo powder in the world, but Singapore made the best Milo drink in the world, the Milo Dinosaur and now the Milo Godzilla. If as a child, you never ate Milo powder straight out the tin, you were most unfortunate. I probably ate more Milo than drank. It is awesome and even better served on top of a Milo Peng because the cold makes the richness go down slicker. The added textural graininess gives the drink another dimension of interest which is most welcome.

It’s a uniquely Singaporean thing. Here’s my completely speculated reasoning. Milo is probably most popular in Malaysia and Singapore (Thailand too I’m sure) where it’s taken on the mantle of chocolate drink nonpareil. This most probably because it’s cheaper than pure cocoa. We grew up with Milo so its part of our childhood much more so than any other country in the world. Where we differ from the Malaysians was when we invented the Milo Dinosaur. Whilst the idea and execution isn’t particularly Singaporean, the name is.

Firstly it’s in English and it has no colloquial alternative. However, the idea of a dinosaur being equated to something bigger and better than before is a Singaporean one, never mind the dinosaurs being extinct. A Malaysian would have more likely given it a colloquial alternative name rather than the completely English one.  We didn’t just pick any word but we picked something that sounded awesome in a very childishly enthusiastic manner. It didn’t get any formality to it nor anything that adds a spit and polish. It’s also a little ungrammatical and undescriptive. You’ve got no clue from the name what it actually is. All these nonsensical points point to my unabashedly biased opinion that Milo Dinosaur is definitive of modern Singaporean cultural identity.

Here’s to the Milo Dinosaur, Godzilla, Ultraman. I just invented the Milo Ultraman. Because the namesake smacks dinosaurs and godzillas for fun, it has to be more tok kong. Here’s the recipe.

  • Start with a milo peng as thick as you like
  • Add a shot of red bull
  • Adjust thickness again
  • Scoop of ice cream on top
  • Dust with generous amount of milo powder
  • Pour a scoop of durian puree
  • Should you require medical assistance after consumption, don’t tell the authorities I had anything to do with it