My dad brought us here once when we were younger. It used to be in Farrer Park, where you could go jogging or play football. Now it’s moved to Pek Kio Market near Owen Road. At the time I didn’t think much of it because I thought big prawns weren’t as good as smaller ones so I didn’t pay too much attention and I also had this favourite one in Clementi (now defunct). The awesome thing is Wah Kee’s soup differs from all other regular prawn noodle soup hawkers in Singapore, because they don’t use any pork in the broth. Also, they serve these big ass prawns. Like seriously big. You can get bowls from $3, $5, $8 and $10. I had the $8 bowl when I was in town. I actually went twice. Once, they weren’t quite open and so I had to return to get my kicks. I have to say, that for $8, this is pretty damn good value. I’m still not partial to the mega prawns myself. I find them less sweet as compared to smaller ones my mom buys still kicking from IMM but the perfectly cooked bite is pretty awesome and you can always dip in the chilli soy sauce or get some soup in. The noodles are cooked perfectly as well, as good as hawker stall noodles can be, unlike the rather more time consuming and obsessive Japanese noodles like ramen or soba. The soup though, is the absolute kicker. It’s prawny, bisquey but sweet and beautiful. Not too strong or overpowering like you can get if your prawns aren’t very fresh. Here, the stock actually has a little transparency in the flavor but also a grittiness in the texture especially near the bottom of the bowl. I’m expecting dried anchovies, scallops and prawns might be part of it along with fried prawn heads, shells. It’s really good. Probably one of the few hawker stalls in Singapore that might actually be worth queuing and travelling for. Maybe if you stuck them behind a glass window in a restaurant with Eames and Saarinen copies in some random mall, they might be more revered. Otherwise, I’ll just go back once a year as long as I can.

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