Furano is a ski city. Heck I’d actually heard of it before this trip, it was the 3rd city besides Hakodate and obviously Sapporo that I knew existed in Hokkaido. I think because it held the winter olympics sometime ago. Anyway, it’s also got a heck load of ice creams and pastry shops. In the spring, summer and autumn, you get these insane flowers everywhere as well. Lavender is particularly Furano. Completely purpled out fields of bathroom fragrance in late summer/early autumn? That’s freakin’ Furano. Now in winter though, it is winter wonderland. Snow, snow and more snow. You can’t complain if you came to ski. Which we didn’t!??!! Just look at the pic below. That’s like just outside my window. No photoshop insane postcard concept. Link to big.

Breakfast is pretty good. They have a big spread and I get a little of EVERYTHING. The salad comes with lotus root chips!  There’s sweet potato, pickles, natto, salmon, shiokara… I love the milk cos the top bit has cream in it plus it comes in this nice glass bottle. Likewise the yoghurt which comes in a shorter, fatter bottle and is super slick and light.

Post feed, we head to Furano town and mill around the station area a bit. One place I liked was Furanomarche, because we stumbled onto it. All the shops etc I would have tried to go to we had no time for because we were picking up my brother! His exams had finally ended after a supreme cock up by his teachers mixing up the dates and changing our schedule. This was one place I did intend to go to though. It’s really a collection of shops built around an open square. I get this nice cream puff and some horrendous coffee. There was also this cute little shop selling custard filled pastry bears that you could dip in coffee. Kawaii-neh? I bought this silly pair of potato chip grabber things for 700 yen from this potato themed shop. It keeps your hands clean!