Ah, our last day in Furano and what do we decide to do? Ride snowmobiles, wear snow shoes, make snow totems that evolve into dumb looking moustachioed characters and throw snowballs at eat other of course! First up is snow mobiling. It’s awesome, more power than you can grab onto if you go full whack. I know because I crashed lol! I got sick of going around 20kph and held back a bit so the others got in front of me, then I squeezed the accelerator round a bend and ended up in the snow! The guide dude had to swing round and haul it out for me hahaha! At least I got up to 40+ 50 at that point. The speedo goes to 160. Woohoo!

After that we rented these plastic snow shoes and went out walking in the snow. I realize it’s not that much better but it definitely allows you to go to places you might otherwise not. Because the ground’s just totally covered in snow, you never know where there’s holes or whatever. It’s funny walking around in those things. One thing I really wanted to do was just run into a field of snow and I sorta did that. I mean, it wasn’t like a field field but there was quite a bit of snow.

We then tried to make snow totems and snowballs and just generally fool around in the cold. Eventually we end up making a portrait of snow angels. My dad’s one is face first, so you can make out his glasses. Don’t think I’ve had this much fun with the family in like ever.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Thankfully, they just lead onto greater things, like Sapporo!

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