Japan was incredible. I was deliriously happy at times and still smiling at worst. Every minute I was there, I wished I could be there forever. It just seemed like the perfect utopia for me. Of course, then nature decides to rip it up and remind me that nothing is ever really perfect. I feel incredibly sad that this place, where I was for such a brief instant has been ravaged so badly.

I’m still going back. Many more times until I die. Perhaps despite the natural disasters that plague the country, I might still dream of living there.

The video above, I made rubbishly with iMovie. Left my Canon S95 (so goood) on the window sill and let it record halfway through the trip from Sapporo station to Chitose. I was listening to Mount Kimbie at the time so this is an accurate reflection of what I experienced, staring out at the window through the snow. That’s the reason why the image is so blur. It was snowing kinda heavy at the start, not because I post processed. Didn’t touch anything. So beautiful.