You know, everyone who reads my palm or face or whatev tells me the same shit everytime, “Mmm, you don’t keep your money!”. This is true to some extent but I do have savings! They are also increasing! So far, 3 months into 2011 and I’ve dropped nearly 3 bills already and thinking to up it even more. I swear my savings are really increasing!

2 large went on holiday in Feb. Even though my parents footed all the bills, I propped up something. I think it’s the first time I gave my mom money hahaha! What a horrible son! 1 bill went to a pair of black Dr Martens 1461. It comes with white soles. I used to have some distressed brown ones and now I realize I’ll probably never need a pair of like Church’s or whatever so a pair of DM’s is perfection for everything. Especially in Australia where they think you a boffin if your feet are clad in something other than rabens, havaianas or Vans. I chose the pair with white soles because after shipping from the states, it was still under a bill. Regular retail is like over 2. I was gonna spray the soles black but at the mo, I reckon the white is killer. It’s basically the same pair of DMs that Patrik Ervell used in hi SS2011 runway show only he used hiking style laces like in the pic. Mine are regular black laces.

5 bills is going out sometime in May or June, when Amazon decides to ship me the second pressing of Modernist Cooking. I’ll probably spend even more after that on all kinds of equip but it’s the cookbook of the 21st century, something every chef will refer to from now til whenever. It’s like a Larousse Gastronomique X On Food And Cooking for the new millenium. Also, it’s really 6 books so it’s really pretty cheap considering. Plus shipping included too.

One small purchase I wanted to put up is an Aeropress for me to easily make ice coffee. For like $30, it’s cheap as and basically functions superbly as a vacuum pressure plunger with microfilter. Technically, it’s useable for a variety of functions like you would a sieve or to make tea or “soup”. Cheap tech kitchen toy.

A new beater watch is also on the cards. My G-Shock is my kitchen watch but I don’t got an everyday whatever watch with lume and shit. Nothing too fancy, looking at either a Seiko SKX031 Diver or a Seiko SNN231 Chronograph. Leaning towards the latter and like the version in the photo, I’m gonna slap on a black NATO strap. I just love the fact that the numerals are half obscured by the dials. It’s like photochopped in a watch concept. Level 4 of watch game on horizon. Still want that diver on a bracelet though. Maybe kop both? LOL! These babies are well under $200 so I just might hahaha!

One big ticket purchase I’m super keen on like right now now is a new iPhone 4. I must say when it first came out, I liked it but the design details haven’t really registered until now. Perhaps I was simply anaesthetized by my Android running HTC Magic but I have to say I’m kinda blown away by the iPhone 4. I think it’s Dieter Rams-esque perfect. There’s just no obvious part lines, everything’s totally intended and the construction is just immaculate. It feels like it’s worth a thousand dollars unlike the slew of HTCs, Motorolas and Samsungs. I mean, 2 pieces of glass encasing some electronics bound by a band of metal that also acts as the antenna? That’s just next level pho(w)nage. Of course, the functionality was called into question with antennagate and also drop tests but seriously, I am just in love with the form and the details. Also, I suddenly feel like I want to always be contacted and one of my problems is listening to music whilst my phone rings and never picking it up. An iPhone would solve this neatly for me because I’m already entrenched in the Mac life. Shoulda just kopped it when I was in Singapore. It costs AU$859 vs SG$888. I love how they made it $888.

I’ve also got a little keen on kopping a massive SSD portable to keep my por… I mean research papers safe from harm. I reckon I’d stick with LaCie and Neil Poulton’s offering, their Little Big Disk has a 500Gb SSD model that looks like a part of HAL 9000. This one’s out in summertime North Hemisphere and I reckon it’ll run like 5 bills at least. I dunno but the appeal of SSD to keep all that French New Wave and Neo Noir is really important to me. This one nearer the end of the year or when it pops up if the price is right. I think I’d pay a $1/Gb tops.

New raws are also on the cards, my Skull 5010XX are reas0nably well worn at this point. The back pocket stitching is like almost totally fallen off, the crotch has 2 repairs plus a new hole, the right front pocket edge is withered away and there’s decent fades. Of course, they’re like 3 years old worn maybe 1.5 years total? Not too bad. I’m thinking I might keep washing it regularly to shed more color and make them into lighter jeans. Which means I need new raws. I’m thinking A.P.C New Cures, Samurai S710, The Flat Head 310, Iron Heart DC4001 or Warehouse 660. Just a pair of good, solid slim straight jeans minus the New Cures.

Some things have always been in the queue, just waiting for the weather. The minute I need a jacket Imma hit up Luckyscent for dat CdG Wonderwood. And I still really really want the ultimate techninja M-65!!! That’s another… 4 hunned. I actually kopped this Nike NSW M-51 from Tres Bien Shop for like $60 on sale that makes me really keen on Nike’s shit. It’s really cool cos it’s waterproof and super lightweight plus you can button up the fishtail to make it look more like a regular jacket. I wear it to buy groceries in the rainy weather now. Iit’s also somewhat windproof but it’s not made for winter. I need that Nike NSW Zizo M-65 in my life. I’ve considered the alternatives: Visvim 3L Bickle with Insulator (probably 1.5k or so!!!) or Acteryx Veilance HS03 Field Jacket for 1k. The Nike is less than half and I really like the aesthetic plus it’s got the zip in zip out lining. Keep me warm forever ever.

All this shit should be enough for 1 year! Total damage is… like still under 3 grand. Hey. That’s not as bad as I thought it would be. WooT!!! Something is gonna get bought when that promotion rolls around. Or of course, that figure would jump past 10 grand if I switch jobs hohoho! This one is a no question kop.