Hohoho. This Tuesday, I got to hit up Bodega, the Surry Hills tapas style mainstay that’s got one chef’s hat. Bodega is the first restaurant of chefs Elvis Abrahanowicz and Ben Milgate. Previously, I had the immense pleasure to dine at their new place, Porteno and it was super dope kick ass. This time, I got to go to the place where they made their name and it didn’t disappoint! Somehow the waitress gives us a wine list with no insert which I point out and she hurriedly exchanges. This finally lets us score a cider and a beer to drink. Can’t remember the name of the cider but I got an Alhambra 1925 Reserva, which is a pretty balanced and straightforward lager beer, served in the bottle.

We arrive early although my friend forgets to put the parking ticket on her dashboard hahaha! Anyway, we open with some bread and white anchovies. Man, these suckers are so thick, firm and flavorsome. Tangy and acidic with the vinegary dressing but I’ve always loved these so much. They just taste so… clean and they’re like almost the size of sardines.

The follow is a plate of octopus cooked in malbec until the sauce forms this sludgy coating. It’s rich in flavor and pasty in texture which contrasts nicely with the bite of the octo. This is served with thinly sliced fennel, a nice little dressing and some smoked bonito. The bonito is just like real nice but it’s the complete combo that runs things here. I really like the balance of flavors in this dish. It’s the kinda cooking that I like, modern, inspired and totally interesting.

Not long after, we get our side dish, which is a pot of mushrooms cooked with garlic. Nothing too fancy just nice and tasty. I think the portion size is relatively generous and I defo get my shroom fix.

The final dish is my favourite. Veal sweetbreads sauteed off and served with a soft poached egg and chicarrones and some grains/beansy stuff I can’t remember the name of. The rich sweetbreads are totally set off by the dressing and the grainy beansy stuff with the crackling to provide the crunch and the egg the unctuousness. Just de-lish.

Bodega rocks and guess what. Yea it’s Porteno again next week lol! I’m eating dat good shit err week now.

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