I’m not a fan of Toyota. It’s not because of the ubiquity of Camrys and Corollas; I like the Golf so commonness isn’t something that bugs me with cars. It’s just the styling. Like I think the current Corolla and a couple generations previous just has horrid fat and disproportionate doors. I hate the Camry, it’s just too big and too ugly. There’s plenty better looking cars in that segment around similar prices in both categories. Toyota has tended to lag behind when it came to SUVs as well with the totally blah Kluger compared to other marques. I’ve only got bad things to say about Toyota’s styling. Until now.

Which makes this a double first for me. The first Toyota I like and the first SUV I like. What? Yea I’m serious. I mean, I’m not gonna run out and buy it but the new in Australia Toyota FJ Cruiser is real nice, in the way that a Seiko is nice, cheaper than the homage yet still styled to a degree where you can say, yea that looks just as good or if not better than the original. I usually dislike most SUVs cos the form doesn’t correlate to the styling at all for me. I can’t stand the swervy lines on a ton of SUVs. The ones that are ok for me might be Land Rover or Jeep but that’s cos I think they look like they might actually be capable of going off road.

The FJ Cruiser is in a similar, is styled after an old Toyota Landcruiser, with a retro lookin’ front, white roof and wrap around windows at the back. I really like the squareness and the white roof just really helps the car pop a helluva lot. It’s a little refreshing and a little different. It doesn’t look as luxury but luxury SUVs are oxymorons to me. I think SUVs should look like they would stain well with mud and the FJ Cruiser would do that with a little bit of flair. The inside looks like maybe they got inspired by the modern Mini Cooper, replete with round dials and shit.

Maybe if I finally do that cross country marathon road trip.

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