I am currently obsessed with buying these zebra print sheets for my bed. Previously, I also really wanted tiger striped leggings from Uniqlo, so when I go running in the increasing cold here in Ozland, I can look predator-ish and elderly folk and babies will scramble in their wheels. I also really want more animal print fashunz. I totally attribute this inane trendwhore desire to the inspiration that is Ris Low. I think they should rename a whole suburb after her. Pasir Ris Low. Kinda like southside Pasir Ris or something. Do IT!!!

However, all over everywhere right now, it ain’t no zebra or tiger shit. All you see is… Leopard Prins! Ris probably didn’t think her fashion tips would bridge the gender gap but whatever. Yessir, S to the G represent. She was just ahead of the curve. Haters gon hate.

In order: Supreme Coach Jacket, Gitman X Opening Ceremony Shirt, Shorts, Yuketen Blucher, Dickies X AndA Chinos, Nepenthes Pyjamas, Adidas ObyO Kzk X Neighborhood Jacket, Mark McNairy for Bass Veejuns… All leopard everything!