I have been totally inspired by Epic Meal Time. My last two shifts saw me working nights, so I go in at 3pm and there’s like next to nothing to do so my focus is making staff meal. First night there was like no extra protein offcuts or anything like that so I had to scrounge up something from somewhere with stuff that wouldn’t really matter. For most of the other guys, this means fried bacon and eggs or breakfast for dinner with chips and a mesclun salad. I just don’t roll like that. So I knew we needed protein and carbs and I didn’t wanna do chips so I put some rice in a pot and cooked it off. Bacon is basically the preeminently available protein of choice for staff meals whenever we have nothing. Vego meals are really hard because we don’t have much veg at all and what we do get, we need for service. So I was like oh hey we got chillis, we got Thai basil, we got pork (bacon) so yea! Candied bacon Pad Krapow with a crispy fried egg and rice.

I got out the palm sugar and just spooned loads over the bacon. It didn’t crisp up as well as I’d have liked but I was a little rushed for time. My head chef suddenly pulled a list of shit I had to do like half an hour after I got in. Whatever. My rice is done and it’s near perfect. I just don’t like the brand we use, it’s so bite less but oh well. I slice some eschallots and throw them into a hot pan, then in goes chillies and green beans. I pull the bacon out and slice it into lardons. This would replace the mince that is normally used for pad krapow. I needed to make a sauce so things wouldn’t be too boring but I couldn’t use a few ingredients. The manager on duty is a coeliac so no fish sauce and some other stuff that are maybe questionable. Anyway, I settle on some gluten free soy and chicken stock and prawn paste  and I chuck the lardons in at this point. Near the end I throw in some Thai basil. Meanwhile, I had been frying off eggs crispy Asian style, you know with the golden brown edges and the surface looking like it’s got boils and whatever but the yolk’s still oozy. To plate, rice on the bottom, candied bacon pad krapow and then crispy egg on top. Success.

Today was much the same, only I couldn’t repeat the same old trick so I decided to make sandwiches with candied bacon. This time I get 2 trays lined with bacon and brown sugar and I chuck em in early. They turn out kinda hard as the sugar had crystallized and sorta combined with the bacon but they were tasty as all hell. I just wish I coulda served everything hot as but you just can’t get your staff to turn up on time. I used multigrain, toasted on one side for the bread. I spread this with a cheese dip made from mascarpone, parmesan and parsley. Next go some lettuce, tomato and onion. Then the bacon and topped with a poached egg and hollandaise. It’s pretty epic. The side is a pear, rocket, cucumber, pine nut and parmesan salad. Then there’s heaps of chips and more hollandaise and cheese dip to dip with. Everything’s wiped out.

Candied bacon is the new bakkwa.