Ahh… Holidays. A chance to relax at last. I wasn’t really thinking of going anywhere until like 2 weeks ago when I realized I was gonna have like 3 days off in a row during the Easter break. Lightbulb! Perfect chance to get outta Sydney, drive around nowhere and do nothing. The sort of non experiential bliss only afforded when you leave your immediate familiar surrounds and go somewhere else.

Somewhere else turned out to be Jervis Bay. Suggested by my housemate who had previously been and felt it was really beautiful or whatever. It’s like this large bay protected from the ocean by two juts of land. A gap between the bits of land means the bay is also connected to the ocean. It’s supposed to be one of those typically Sydney beach holiday type places filled with water sports, activities, nature sightseeing, ice cream and fish & chips. I just wanted to go somewhere. Anywhere.

It’s pronounced Jer Vis not Jar Vis as is commonly thought. Jer Vis. Some naval dude’s name. I learned this on the trip. It’s around 3 hours south of Sydney and the main town I suppose is Huskisson. The drive itself isn’t bad at all, pretty scenic along Princes Highway heading south so you get to see the ocean at times. It has a few windy bits and a lot of long steep slopes going up and down or down and up. No tight angles or insane winding like a drive into the Jenolan Caves like I did with my family last time. Easy is probably the best way to sum it up.

I manage to book a motel for like $165 a night, or $330 for 2 nights. Not bad given it’s the peak season and the motel is in a decent location, with decent amenities. In fact, the only thing I would complain about Huskisson Beach Motel is their choice of fishy print bedsheets. You guys need to get on that leopard print trend but I acknowledge the desire to stay true to locality. There’s a queen sized bed, a flatscreen, a bar fridge, access to a kitchen, free tea/coffee, a totally clean bathroom, towels, clean sheets… It ain’t some 5 star place with design your own burgers in bed at 3am or basketball courts inside the suite but it’ll do the trick.

The first thing I get to doing is really just walking down the main street of Huskisson and um getting some fish & chips and ice cream. Jervis Bay takeaway has really crap burgers but ok fish & chips. Ice cream came from the local Ice Creamery and it was alright. Night time was spent watching TLC hahaha. The next morning, we grabbed breakfast at the Husky Bakery + Cafe, which has ok breakfasts but much better looking pies. I totally regret not stuffing 2 pies instead of getting their big breakfast. A nice touch is a free glass of juice accompanying the brekkie. Right after the feed, we traipse down to Dolphin Wild Cruises where we sign up to grab a boat ride out into the bay. It seems like the main thing to do. We go out and the water looks real beautiful at the shallow bits. It’s like super clear and clean looking like you can see right thru to the bottom. As we get further out, you can’t see quite as much but it’s pretty much this largish piece of calm. A seal comes near the boat and I saw it but totally missed any chance at all to grab a photo. There’s some birds diving to get to fish in the water and the captain gives us some background to the area. Sadly, that’s about all the wildlife we see on the 2 hour ride under super dark skies. A couple of passengers look a little pukey and I wasn’t feeling too good either. When there’s nothing much to focus on, you just get a little seasick. At the end, they offer us a free ticket lasting a year to do the ride again but we weren’t really up for it lol. It’s rare that boats don’t catch a glimpse of dolphins as they live in the bay itself.

Other things you can do in Husky include stand up paddle where you stand on this oversized surfboard known as a paddle board and you paddle around the calm bits of the bay. Right outside Husky is this bit where the water is super still and shallow and you can maybe see fish and possibly even dolphins coming up close. I didn’t bother lol! You could also rent a boat or kayak or some water vehicle and get out but I didn’t bother doing that either! I just went for Husky’s “World Famous” Fish & Chips. Let me just say that everything is fucking world famous in little Australian towns nobody knows about. Their fish & chips is better than the previous joint but everytime I eat someone else’s version, I realize my workplace rocks the fuck outta this simple delight. Our tartare sauce is sooo sick. No one comes close. We also get some gelato from this place called Lickety Lick which also sells American candies, soft drinks, pop tarts and shit. There’s a lot of these American style candystores in little Aussie tourist towns. I would visit 2 more in Berry, a little town on the way home to Sydney.

I think the best place in Jervis Bay other than the Bay itself is really Hyams Beach. It’s this pretty awesome little stretch of sand just south of Husky. It’s rated by the Guinness world records as having the whitest sand in the world. I dunno if it’s really the whitest in the world but I thought the sand itself was superfine and superclean. I could pick up a mound of it and it would all fall off completely leaving no trace behind. No mud or gluck or anything at all. The water was also this awesome blue/turquoise and super clear. The view just opened out into Jervis Bay itself, with the bits of land shrouding the bay in the distance along with Bowen island nearby. I reckon it’s the nicest beach I’ve ever been to in my life. The little town itself is home to a few swanky looking residences/holiday homes that look a little like someone plucked a piece of Balmoral and dropped it south. There’s absolutely nothing around the area except the beach and Booderee national park. I like how most of the beach is just simply flanked by bush behind it. There’s a only a few house with direct access to the sand. Most of the place actually looks just a little untouched. It’s the kinda place I’d love to have near me, the sort of totally serene, close to unspoilt postcard paradise but something just uniquely Aussie. It’s not like your own private beach somewhere on some island in the caribbean/maldives/whatever but it’s like got bushland and some tourists and shit. Not too many tourists though. It ain’t Bondi/Surfer’s Paradise pho sho.

Post beach tripping was more TLC lol! My fave channel ever! Plus beer and snacks. I didn’t do much at all in Jervis Bay and maybe most people would go “why???” but to me, holidays are about doing nothing rather than rushing around cramming activities into a schedule. It’s about relaxing and chilling and doing nothing. If I really wanted to do something I’d do it, otherwise, I’d just chill. I wouldn’t do this if/when I go to say Tokyo but Jervis is perfect for the nothing sort of nothing everyone needs sometime.

Hopefully I’ll get to enjoy more of these expanses of void style holidays with lots of driving in the future.

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