Alright, this shit is like hands down the O.G Epic Meal Time. It’s like my favourite show right now. I don’t watch TV but this would make me watch TV. In Man v. Food, Adam Richman just travels the whole U.S and A getting himself stuffed with all kinds of true blue American foods like burgers, hot dogs and bar-b-que. So expect lots of cheese, meat, bacon and buns… One important facet of the show is that he partakes in a contest on every episode as well. There’s lotsa places stateside where they have some super ultra mega sized burger/hotdog/meal thing that if you manage to finish, you get a free tshirt/name on the wall/photo on the wall kinda thing and Richman does them all. Some he wins, some he loses by narrow margins, some like this fuckin’ omelette with hash browns (chopped up and fried on a grill not Mickey D’s style) and “biscuits” (it’s like buns but firmer) he only went halfway. You gotta like Richman too. Somewhat like a cross between Jack Black and um a burger.

I gotta say, some stuff looks just soooo deliciouso that it makes me want to go to the U,S and A like right now now. Flaky fall off the bone 14 hour slow cooked pulled pork doused and I mean doused in sauce or tacos stuffed with uber tender grilled carne asada or burgers that look like greasebombs… It’s the kind of comfort food I wish I could get in ridiculously and wrongly health conscious Australia. There’s some good stuff in some places but it just ain’t enough! I want some OTT shit nah mean? Like dis.