The image above ain’t kiddin. This shit was heavy. So heavy the gravitational fields turned my camera upside downside. It came double boxed and the delivery guy was like “You must love to read or sumthin.” “It’s a cookbook.” “Oh invite me over when you become a master!” Yessir mister nameless delivery guy. Modernist Cuisine, my early birthday present to myself. 4 and a half bones thanks to Australia’s dollar flying high. I saved $40 because of that.

The first thing I lay eyes on is the kitchen manual, which comes with a soft flexible plastic cover and my housemate thought it was all gonna be like soft cover folders. Underneath though was this behemoth acrylic case and 5 more hardcover books within. The thing is really heavy. So heavy it had to go on the bed and I knew instantly no bookshelf would contain it for the time being. Inside, it’s like exactly as promised. A quick flip through the plated recipes book was all I have mustered thus far. It’s insanely detailed. The recipes are epic, the photos are lovely and the writing at glances looks good. The overall design and styling is something akin to an old school science textbook, with everything organised plus prep and cooking times and ingredients lists and techniques for everything.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Martha Stewart went and got herself a centrifuge to do some of the recipes. I won’t be doing that but an immersion circulator could be on the cards pho sho.

Have some breakfast for starters.

Yes. I have zebra print bedsheets.