The title for this post comes from Das Racist’s Rainbow In The Dark. Anyway, a friend of my housemate makes awesome sauce macarons. I’ve actually started to pronounce it correct too after meeting him. The common misconception is the much hyped macaron is actually spelt macaroon. But in truth there’s only one O just so ya know.

MakMak is a small startup focused on making the damned bestest macarons Sydneyside and it’s all done from a small house in Newtown. Flavor wise, it keeps rotating and changing according to season and some whim but there’s a lotta effort going into each macaron, making sure there’s maximum flavor and texture. Oh and the texture… They are the most moistest, sweet but not cloying, crumbly, crispy, smudgy macarons I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

I’m sure Pierre Herme or Sadaharu Aoki make great ones too but the difference is I actually know the guy behind it and he’s a real affable person.

MakMak is doing real good now too. You can actually find their macarons on sale at Baffi & Mo, a cafe in Redfern and Duke Bistro in Darlinghurst to name but 2 up and coming hipspots in Sydney.

Onto the pr0n.

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