If anyone should be allowed
to open a pig meat restaurant
It’s me m**********s
My name’s forreal, so Imma throw down the gaunt
S’why all you other m**********s
frontin’ on that pig steez
Yous just punk a** b*****s
Making dat bacon? B**** please!
Imma change the game son
bring dat real pork to the front
if you ain’t up to it dun
you best cry into yo blunts
Imma take that char siew
cold smoke for a day
yea ninja I’m forreal
wet brine it like I say
Then Imma marinade it for 3
It’s like Jordan in 95
bringing it big baby
keepin real flava alive
Ain’t no old school shit either
we don’t f***s wit da open fires
or conventional ovens neither
we gon sous vide it bitch, make it fiyah
Then Imma grill it
make it charred like a m**********r
rotate it quick on a tech spit
caramelize that marinade like oh my god, hallelujah
You put that shit in yo mouth
and it gon melt like butta
All dem other ninjas gonna head south
cos they pork is like chewing on leather
When you slurp dat gravy
you gon feel the love baby
It’s like the Swiss Navy
all slidin’ and slippery!
But it’s dat crust that gets ya
that holy smokey blackened crispy
make bitches go ah ah ah
like when we in the bedroom homey.
Yea, it’s dat real char siew
next level on da dealio
you can’t see it you gotta feel
it’s dat real shit mealio.