For the last 2 nights after 12 hour shifts I made myself cheeseburgers. I got some beef patties and sesame rolls from my local grocery and somehow found myself an ox heart tomato selling at the same price as the regular ones, only the regular ones weren’t ripe and the ox heart was. Romas cost more and taste less. Demand and supply I guess.

Anyway, here’s how I make it. First I would toast the bread. A bit of butter into the pan to begin at a low-medium heat. I let the butter foam up but never let it get hot enough to burn. Then I drop the halved sesame roll on. I press down on the bread, making it like squashed and ugly. I just let it barely brown to a very tender crisp. One of the worst things you can do to a burger is to toast the bun until it’s fuckin’ hard. That shit can’t be bit you know? Burgers should be sloppy.

Step two, I clean the pan and drizzle some oil in at a med-high heat. In goes the patty. I press it down to ensure even contact, just like the bread. I let it brown on one side until it’s perfect, then I flip it and repeat. Once both sides are browned, I throw on 2 slices of swiss cheese onto the patty. Immediately after, I cover it all with a metal bowl and let the steam melt the cheese. It doesn’t take long for the cheese to melt, maybe 15-20 seconds. The cheese only goes on if I know the patty is 85% close to medium rare. By the time you steam the cheese, the burger should be done as well.

I then set it aside to rest. This is crucial. Burgers should be sloppy but drenched burgers aren’t really good burgers either. Assembly time! Bottom bun gets tomato sauce. Then it’s the patty with the cheese. Next it’s the thick sliced tomato. Next a crack of pepper and sea salt. I hope you seasoned your patty before cooking. Top bun gets mayo and mustard. I use Heinz, Kewpie & Dijon. Nothing else is acceptable.

Once it’s assembled, you’re gonna luv it mayne.

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