I’ve got 2 sets of every day carry. The first is for the 5 days a week when I go to work and the other is when I’m off. Not that any of it significant. I just wanted to do up one of them EDC photos so I can look cool y’know?

For work:

Skull Wallet, cheap glasses, Sharpie Fine Point, Bic Soft Feel Med, Keys + Abitax LED Light, iPhone, Bic lighter, GW-5600J.

The wallet used to be natural leather and now its like 20 shades darker and stained with dirt and indigo. I only carry a few cards and minimal cash inside so it’s manageably slim. The cheap glasses are from online budget eyewear stores and I run through a pair every 4 months or so. Not bad considering all the grease, heat and chemicals at work. The pens are for labelling prep. I got 2 keys, one for each door to my house. The silver one is a spare, the leopard is the one I use the most and the black one less so. The LED helps me find my way up and down steps in the dark/take out trash at night/stun rapists. The lighter is used to light the stoves at work. I don’t smoke. The iPhone is my communication device plus recipe reference. The watch helps me time my cooking with a stopwatch. It’s quite banged up now and the straps are starting to break off so I might put a nato adapter on it in the future. Not shown is a tasting spoon that I put into my sleeve pen pockets that I use to check for seasoning and other misc kitchen shit. I also carry spare rubber gloves in my pockets daily plus bandaids cause I’m retarded with knives.

For play:

Skull wallet, Raybans, Porter Pouch, Porter Carabiner, Gordy’s Camera Wristrap, Keys + LED, Seiko SNN233P, iPhone + Etymotic HF2.

I swop out glasses for play but sometimes I don’t wear anything. Usually it’s the Raybans. The pouch holds my Canon S95 and I use the carabiner to latch it onto my beltloops. The strap makes it hella easy to pull the camera out. I also slap on a different watch obviously and the headphones are nigh essential on journeys alone even if they are few and far between or intrinsically short. The Seiko gets interchanged with other watches too but it’s the goto for now.

Thinking of getting the USB Swiss Army knife as well as a notepad. Typing notes into the iPhone just doesn’t cut it. Also gonna stick the phone into a clear Power Support Air Jacket when it arrives.