I am finally on the RSS bandwagon. I can’t believe I haven’t done this earlier. For years, I just have this one pile of bookmarks that I open on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day, mostly to read up on news and info on stuff that interests me. Chrome makes it easy to because I can open a whole stack of bookmarks in tabs and boom, I’ve got my “morning paper”. So I actually went and downloaded NetNewsWire and put all my favourite feeds into it. I just find it looks like a mail application though and because it’s quite ugly, I end up using the browser instead.

On my iPhone, I’m using Pulse News, which is pretty and pretty brilliant. They already have a lot of preset feeds from various sources but they’ve recently made the app free to use plus it’s still ad free and you can sort, name and add any feed you want more or less if you can find it. Other than the stuff they already have, I put in Soccernet’s main feed as well as Pitchfork’s for music and Cooking Issues and my fave blogs etc. Took me like 20 minutes to find stuff and I still haven’t got everything set up perfect yet.

The downside is I don’t read stuff that I don’t consider, which may include a lot of important or interesting things but the upside is, I don’t have to read shitty tabloid trash alongside world events anymore. If I put in the effort to set it up right, I can avoid the bullshit and basically make my own newspaper catering exactly to the subjects I give a shit about. Which is brilliant. My newspaper is just looking really beautiful and still informative enough at a glance and if I ever want to, I can still pull up the article.

Pulse is really good on the iPad too. Doubleplusgood. Overall, it’s a goddamn pretty RSS feeder that’s pretty customizable, which is exactly what you want.